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Misc. Schedule Services

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Misc. Schedule Services


We appreciate your communcation as this allows us the chance to complete your schedule before it is frozen. We can also help other flight attendants by giving them information concerning trips avbl for makeup.


Before calling crew schedule to be placed on the sick list, please contact us. In certain circumstances we may be able to help prevent you from calling in sick or finish your current request quickly prior to the sick call. Once on the sick list your schedule becomes frozen and we are unable to move or add trips. In addition to sick calls please notify us of other planned absences (i.e. jury duty, special assignment) We appreciate your communication as this allows us the chance to help your fellow flight attendants by giving them information concerning up and coming open trips or sick calls being presented to makeup.


Flight attendants with available days on their schedule are responsible for those available days. Open time can be pre-plotted by calling crew schedule or by plotting a trip within sabre. Those flight attendants with available days for tomorrow may plot open trips until noon. If you do not pre-plot yourself by noon then crew schedule may assign you an open trip that you are legal to fly. If you would like your avbl days removed, please feel free to contact us as we are happy to help raise your projection so that you can hisend the company to be released. Should you prefer to keep your avbl days, but an avbl day falls on a day you need off, please contact us and we will do our best to help accommodate you.


Despite last minute notice, we always try our very best to drop your reserve trips should you so desire. As you are aware, last minute trips can often be difficult to work with or even impossible to drop, but we can better serve you should you keep us informed of your position or status. Often times you may have advance knowledge that you need a certain time period off, please communicate your needs. On many occasions we may have flexible flight attendants who have commuting issues or do not mind flying out at the last minute.

We appreciate your business. Thank You.