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Trades, Drops, Pick Ups




Please contact us as soon as you obtain your preliminary results. When leaving a request for a current month change to your schedule please be sure to include all days off or partial days off required during that specific time period. This will allow for more flexibility when fulfilling your request. Due to the volume of calls received at this time of the month it is not possible for us to confirm receipt of your message, however if you send a request online, you will recieve a confirmation notice. We will however contact you should you need to speak with us directly or if we have any questions regarding your request. For future months operations please be patient as once you leave a request, your schedule is considered a work in progress.


Trip trades are time consuming and can require hours and hours of work to complete. Please keep in mind that the more flexible you can be, the better the chances of getting a trade. We ask you to please give us the sequence number and date of the trip you would like to move. Then give us all your options or alternatives for trading that sequence. We always try to get your first choice, however it is important to give us as many additional alternatives as possible. Always, check your schedule to verify that your trade has been put through. In the rare chance we are unable to trade your trip by the begining of the month, we will continue to try and complete the trade as the month progresses.


Going, Going, Gone... has always made it a policy to drop any sequence, any time at no charge. In fact, we reward our frequent droppers by offering priority when dropping holiday sequences. This is our way of saying "Thank You" for dropping with us all year long. Of course you are not only helping us stay in business, but you are returning the favor to all the flight attendants within our group that at some point do the same. Please help us help you and drop with your service. We ask for as much advance notice as possible, but we understand that unforseen circumstances often arise and we are here for you all month long.


Many of us live on an income that requires us to work hours beyond a standard schedule. We understand your needs and for this reason we try our best to get you the overtime hours you so desire. Again, we ask that you provide us with as many options as possible. The more flexible you can be the better the chance we can come through for you. Please give us your dream schedule and then some alternatives. Initially, if we do not have what you need we will continue to work through out the month to complete your request. Should your pick up dates change, please notify us immediately as once we have your requests your schedule is a work in progress and although you do not see it on your schedule it may already be designated for you.