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Monthly Bidding

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Monthly Bidding



Whether you need us to submit your self-sorted bid or to work up a full bid, we are pleased to provide individualized bidding. We not only sort the bid sheet based upon your preferences, but we can add relief, remarks and backup reserve bids. If you need to bid onto or off of reserve please communicate this in detail. Also, we prefer you to list the days your want to try and bid off in priority order as this allows us to understand what is most important when selecting bids.

Buddy Bidding

Going, Going, Gone... is pleased to be able to submit buddy bids, however we require that you submit a request providing detailed preferences and the seniorities of all participating flight attendants. When submitting an online buddy bid request please provide contact information for all parties. Because buddy bidding can be restricitve and potentially lower ones own seniority, it is important to be as flexible as possible and provide us with as many options (selections, positions) as possible. You can never bid to many selections.

Vacation Bidding

Should you needs us to submit a vacation bid, please submit a request in a timely manner. For Primary bids we need to know how you would like to split your vacation. Please provide us with as many month and week combinations as possible. For secondary bids, please provide us with your primary award followed by your secondary choices. Again, please send us your request in a timely manner. We appreciate your business. Thank You.