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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How Should I Submit My Request?

We ask that you submit your request as soon as possible after you have received your preliminary bid award. Please leave us a message, email or fill out the online request form on our website. We ask that you do not send monthly requests through texting as we have found this to be unreliable. Once we receive your request we ask that you consider your schedule a work in progress. Should you need to make a change in your request please notify us immediately.

2) When Will I Receive A Statement?

As you may have heard, we bill a month behind. You will be billed for a given month after you have been paid by the company for that given month. For instance, if you fly high time in Nov. you will not receive that bill until you get that paycheck in Dec. Therefore you will always have a high time pay check with a bill that corresponds or vice versa. You will not be billed for a high time month during a reserve month paycheck. We feel this is helpful, especially during these difficult times.

3) Can I Make A Change When I Have A Request Pending?

We ask that you do not make any changes to the sequences or time periods that you have requested us to alter or use for a pickup or trade. Please call us should there be any conflicts as in many cases we have plans for trips that are in line to be processed. If you need to make a change to a sequence or time period that does not involve any details of the request you have sent us please feel free to put thru.

If you have any other questions please feel free to fill out the question form on the contact page or give us a call. Thank you and as always, we appreciate your business.